Selective Professional

Selective Professional Selective Professional is a world of ideas and solutions. Thanks to its creativity and dynamism, values that have been the brand’s hallmarks since it first began. Selective professional was founded in 1994 in Italy as an exclusive brand for hairdressers. Immediately recognised as “Made in Italy” brand and symbol of reliability and latest trends.

Selective Professional      Selective professional was one of the first Italian professional cosmetics profucers to appear on Russian market back in 1995, still preseving its popularity and uniqueness.

     Selective professional world works closely with haidressers to offer them top-quality products, reliable working tools that optimize the professionalism of the art of creating beauty. Selective Professional Along with quality products, in order to provide a global offer, targeted services are now available designed to grow with the hairdresser, with specific communication for the business development of every reality and with an extremely important educational network.