WellaWella is the world’s leader in professional hair colouring. Innovations, service, background knowledge and vast experience distinguish it from rival firms. Wella offers a wide range of products including bleach and intensive colouing toners and permanent colouring cremes. The company’s headquarters is located in California, Wella’s cosmetics is favoured in more than 150 countries.

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    Today Wella is developping a wide range of trends: line for colouring and curling, for styling and care. Thanks to modern technologies, Wella Professional is the key to the most successful combination of sculp skin care and smooth hair treatment. Professionally selected ingredients, unique scents and carefully developped methodology are bound to acquire any desired effect. Components used in cosmetics are anti-allergic and will suit any skin or hair type. 

Selective Professional
wella cosmetics     Selective professional is a world of ideas and solutions. Thanks to its creativity and dynamism, values that have been the brand’s hallmarks since it first began. Selective professional was founded in 1994 in Italy as an exclusive brand for hairdressers. Immediately recognised as “Made in Italy” brand and symbol of reliability and latest trends.

     wella cosmeticsSelective professional was one of the first Italian professional cosmetics profucers to appear on Russian market back in 1995, still preseving its popularity and uniqueness.

     Selective professional world works closely with haidressers to offer them top-quality products, reliable working tools that optimize the professionalism of the art of creating beauty. Along with quality products, in order to provide a global offer, targeted services are now available designed to grow with the hairdresser, with specific communication for the business development of every reality and with an extremely important educational network.

Oxygen Botanicals
     CMI Cosmetic Manufacturers Inc is the most successful developer of some of the famous innovative cosmeceutical, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical formulations available on the market today. As technology evolves, CMI has lead the way, employing an experienced team of Research & Development staff who are second to none in the industry.
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     CMI's formulations consist of scrupulously composed, balanced blends of superior quality ingredients; skilfully combined to create your customized products. They carefully formulate specialized and original products quickly and economically, enabling our clients to offer new and exciting products to consumers.

Their top priority is to meet all of your specific needs, as our own continued success depends entirely on your total satisfaction. To ensure that your business receives the finest quality and reliable formulations, Oxygen Botanicals devotes and coordinates all of its efforts to providing top-quality, finished products.

Oxygen Professionals continually upgrade systems and equipment. The in-house bio-molecular engineers, electrical and mechanical technicians maintain CMI's equipment, and respond quickly to problems. This increases productivity and minimizes downtime, and ensures that customer deadlines can easily be met.


     wella cosmeticsGehwol supplies foot specialists from all over the world for more than 150 years. Experience and knowledge accumulated throughout the years of successful work make it possible to state that Gehwol products can be a treat to any individual foot care  problem. Nothing is impossible for Gehwol as far as foot care is concerned.

     wella cosmeticsFoot care is as individual as the problems which make the lives of your customers and patients more difficult. Reliable help can only be provided if the respective problem is corrected precisely and efficiently. This is done by the wide product range of GEHWOL with the right mix of modern, long proven and natural active substances and recipes.

    Gehwol foot care creams are based on carling jojoba oil, lanoline, wheat germ oil, special soaps, natural fats as well as essential oils such as mountain pine oil, eucalyptus, lavendar, critonella, rosemary, thyme, mint, citrus and spike thorn oils and also active components including algae extracts, allantoin, farnesol, camomille based ingredients, manuka oil, ginger extract, hamamelis extract, camphor, menthol, panthenol, sanothorn oil, paprika extracts, urea, zinc oxide, vitamin E acetate, vitamin E nicotinate.

     wella cosmeticsInternational Medical Leech centre was founded in 1937 on the basis of the “Medleech” enterprise which was engaged in leech breeding and cultivation of leech medicine in artificial ponds of Moscow region. Industrial premises located in 2500 square meters are devoted to breeding of more than 3 000 000 leeches and cosmetics production certified according to GMP standarts and controlled by the quality control department.

     In order to produce the best formulations, a complex approach is engaged.  This includes scientific research of mechanisms of the active components of the leech’s salivary gland secretions, selection and analysis of the best form of delivery of these components, and conduction of comprehensive clinical tests that are followed by large scale production of the preparations. The preparations bear the name of their principal developer and founder, «Dr. Nikonov». «Dr. Nikonov» preparations have received outstanding acclaim, which has resulted in the use of the «Dr. Nikonov» line of products not only in Russia, but also abroad. By using these preparations physicians and patients alike found a new and increased effectiveness of the hirudotherapy treatments so were able to use fewer leech applications. Even after 70 years of continuous research and development that resulted in a new and successful industrial centre which are dedicated to providing the clients with the best in Hirudotherapy.




      Italian brand GOES is based in Sicily and Aeolian Islands and works closely with such medical domains as dermatology, medical aesthetics, cosmetics. The brand’s top trend 

     GOES is a favourite of many customers around the world because of its ability to the do the trick will most of the skin cosmetological issue and its features to always keep up to customer's highest expectations. With GOES a beautifican can easily get the right result of peeling ang post-peeling therapies procedures. GOES solutions and technics are effective, comfortable and hypoallergic.

Sun Peel  

     Rep Peel, Red Mask, Sun Peel peeling solutions - first antioxidant concept peeling systems ever.
Tailor-made, harmless, highly effective Red Peel/Red Mask and Sun Peel antioxidant peeling solutions with an adjustable depth effect make it possible to achieve a harmless and striking effect right after the very first procedure by combining a stabilized acetylformic acid together with a powerful R.O.C. antioxidative complex. The GOES company produces the most comfortable peeling systems that don't require a social post-peeling reabilitation.
Because of the two world-wide patents on the world-first antioxidant peeling systems acquired by the GOES company Red Peel/Red Mask and Sun Peel enjoy a controlled and even acid penetration, fast free radicals reaction, and delicate prolonged rejuvenating effect. Red Peel/Red Mask and Sun Peel is free of the usual chemical peelings side effects, and that is because of the GOES Company-patented peeling formula's state-of-the-art science technologies.
Mandelic acid and Sicily oranges-made R.O.C antioxidant complex have a number of advantages: they minimize revellent effect, they can be used during summertime; they have a resolvent effect; and don't cause skin xerosis and rubefaction.
*R.O.C. is an essence extracted from Sicily Blood oranges that vegetate by the foot of the Etna volcano in its unique climate where sharp temperature gradient "tempers" plants and brings along a highest-possible concentration of special bioflavanoids: anthocyanin and vitamin C in its fruits.

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