BARBARIS cosmetologists applyBARBARIS cosmetologists apply Canadian line of products Oxygen Botanicals and Israeli cosmetics Holy Land. Sensitive, young and mature skin treatments as well as detox treatment, massage and ladies and gents express programmes help you preserve the natural fresh and beauty of your skin. Additionally, we offer ionization (galvanics) which boosts the effect of cosmetics applied and enables a deeper ingress into skin layers.

Oxygen Botanicals cosmetics has been in development for more than 25 years and is now produced by the Canadian enterprise Cosmetic Manufactures Inc. (CMI), a market leader in facial and body skin care. Oxygen Botanicals is professional treatment cosmetics prepared on basis of pure spring water and non-chemically procured oxygen. Skin emulsion and serum created according to bioengineered technologies of molecular oxygen stabilization which is an innovation in the world of cosmetics. A consultation goes before any treatment.

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