AlgologieA brand 100% French, 100% from Brittany

In the north of Brittany, on Pen Lan’s peninsula, is a preserved environment. Algologie chose to settle down as close as possible to this wild and intact nature, at the heart of the biggest seaweeds field in Europe. This immersion in this marine world, a historical place of seaweed harvest, is for Algologie a constant source of inspiration in creating highly successful natural products.

Original source of life on earth, sea water is rich of 96 minerals and trace elements essential for the proper functioning of our body and in particular our skin. However, we have to provide them to our body, unable to produce them on its own.  Pure concentrate of life, sea water is a precious source of balance.

Algologie productHow is it work?
Similarities between sea water and blood plasma leads to a natural recognition of sea water by the skin. Therefore, our cells absorbed and assimilate it absolutely. We call it osmosis.
 Besides recharging our body, minerals and trace elements act like stimulators and reactivate our cells ensuring a better intra cutaneous circulation. Sea water provides a better hydratation, oxygenation and waste evacuation by making easier the cellular exchanges.

First plants that appeared on earth, seaweeds have had well-known benefits for centuries. Real sponges, they evolve and adapt themselves to their hostile environment. Seaweeds absorb and reject sea water, by keeping only the good substances. This allows them to be rich in minerals and trace elements, they concentrate up to 50 000 times properties of the marine environment:
 - 1000 times more iodine,
 - 100 times more calcium and
 - 10 times more magnesium, than a terrestrial plant.
Moreover, seaweeds have an extra-cell matrix very similar to humans’ one. Thus, they are easily absorbed by our skin to hydrate, soothe, slim, regenerate.
The 30-years expertise of Algologie leads to:
-    meticulous selection of the best marine active ingredients with proven efficiency
-    incredibly sensory and pleasant textures
-    visible and long-lasting results
-    only uses vegetable inks.
-    only uses papers and communication supports from managed forests.
-    only uses active ingredients and raw materials coming from a radius of less than 200 km of its manufacturing laboratories.
-    has a laboratory certified Eco-Cert.
Building on its knowledge of the benefits inherent to the sea and to seaweeds, Algologie Research Laboratory have developed the Algo3 Complex in the majority of our products for a very healthy skin. This innovating association of active ingredients meets 3 fundamental skin needs:
•    REMINERALISING with its high concentration of sea water from the Gulf Stream drawn from Bréhat and with unique resources.
•    MOISTURISING  with a red seaweed: Chondrus Crispus
•    PROTECT FROM FREE RADICALS with a brown seaweed: Alaria Esculenta
Our researches and our partnership with the CEVA (technical centre for seaweed and the most important seaweed research structure in Europe) allowed us to incorporate highly efficient active ingredients in our products. To be as close as possible to nature, products are created and manufactured in our own laboratory in Brittany.